Registration of Deaths

Conditions applicable for Registration of Death:

  1. The deceased was a Sri Lankan citizen
  2. The informant of the death should be blood relatives of the deceased (Father/Mother/Spouse/Child/Sibling) in Kuwait, they can apply for registration of death at the Embassy.
  3. In case the blood relatives of the deceased are in Sri Lanka, applications can be submitted through the Registrar Generals’ Department

Documents Required: [Originals + Copy + Death Registration Application Form]

  • Death Registration Form B11 (Within 3 Months of Death) OR Death Registration Form B15 (After 3 Months of Death)Form B11 DOWNLOAD HERE Form B15 DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Foreign Death Certificate (if not in English, translation must be provided).
  • Doctor’s certificate of the cause of death/ certificate issued by the Department of Human Services.
  • Birth Certificate of Deceased.
  • Current Passport of Deceased.
  • Proof of the informant’s relationship (Eg – marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc).
  • Informant’s Passport.
  • If Applicable: Cargo receipt/Certification of cremation/Burial documentation.
Fees: 07 Kuwait Dinar
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